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Awash in Red

Greystone's Last Stand

Posted on 2014.08.11 at 23:31
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*Double-posted in the AbandonedpLaces community*

Hello all. It has been ages since I've posted here, or on my own personal journal for that matter. So long in fact that I am just now getting over being flustered by the LJ redesign. I think I dig it, but change scares me...

Anyway, the reason I haven't been posting terribly much is NOT because I lack material to share (I'm sitting on top of so many locations that I'm stoked to post), but because Christina and I have taken on an admittedly daunting cause. We've aligned ourselves with the organization Preserve Gravestone, in an attempt to stall or change the state of New Jersey's plans to demolish the abandoned Greystone Park Psychiatric Center in Parsippany, NJ. We knew of no better way to get the public's attention than through film, so we set out to create a short public-awareness piece. It very quickly snowballed into a full fledged film, forcing us to learn a boatload of stuff about filming, making us purchase some new equipment, and stealing countless hours of our sleep. Christina and I have been looking to grow for a while now, to take our passion for Urban Exploration and do something different, it just wasn't until recently that we saw the opportunity to do so. To say the project and the learning curve involved has been difficult would be a terrible understatement, however it has also been an incredibly rewarding and and often humbling experience. We've just now wrapped up and went live with a 15-minute "extended preview", so I figured it was a good time to announce the film here, in this community.

It seems like a natural progression for us really - In a way its melded my writing, Christina's filming, and our collective editing and style into a singular piece. We truly hope this film will help change the states course, but obviously that's wishful thinking. Still, the video has garnered 1,500 views over just it's first weekend, without really being posted anywhere (looking to get media coverage shortly, which should really help) so we know people are looking and care. That all being said, consider this post my formal return to LJ.


Below I have embedded the video, but before that I will post the video's description off of the YouTube channel.
*Video narrated by Mark Moran of Weird NJ

The sprawling Greystone Psychiatric Hospital sits on a hilltop in Parsippany, NJ. It was constructed there well over 100 years ago, opening in the summer of 1876. At the time of its completion Greystone was the largest singular building in the entire country, and held that title until the Pentagon was completed in 1943. The enormous facility was constructed following the Kirkbride plan. Named after Thomas Story Kirkbride, it was a model of psychiatric hospital that featured large wings of wards stretching outward from a center point, which was often the main entrance and administrative area of the facility. Though often seen as eerie places, these old asylums were actually built with the best of intentions for the patients. Yes the sprawl of these wings may seem imposing to an outsider, but they were purposely created narrow to allow patients constant window views and plentiful sunlight. Since the wards were indeed slender in design, they had to make them exceedingly long in order to allow adequate room for the thousands of people living here. Today the grand old hospital stands abandoned, as it has been since 2008.

The state of New Jersey now seeks to demolish this majestic building to create open space. This is to be done at an estimated expense of some $50 million in taxpayer funding. Several groups have already come forward and presented plans to the state, all with great interest in preserving and reusing the entirety of the old Greystone Psychiatric Hospital, and the funding to back their projects. However, for reasons that still have yet to be properly explained, the state has chosen to forgo all of the proposed plans for redevelopment, and instead wish to raze the entirety of the building.

If we lose Greystone it will not only be a terrible blow to national history, architectural preservation, and environmental accountability, but it will be a great disservice to future generations who will never be allowed to experience this monument to architectural engineering and psychiatric medicine. "Greystone's Last Stand" will follow the story of Greystone Psychiatric Hospital as it unfolds.

Please, if you like what we're creating here, share it around. We want word to spread about the state's plan to level the old hospital. The demolition of Greystone will be an event universally regretted by future generations. What we have, sitting abandoned in New Jersey, is a historical gem. Something to be celebrated, not destroyed.

Awash in Red

The Profane Farmhouse

Posted on 2014.06.09 at 23:45
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Finally got around to creating a new entry. With all the work Christina and I have been doing in regards to our Greystone film, we have had little time to post about much else (not from lack of content! We're sitting on nearly ten locations worth of media). This will change, as we plan (hope) to have regular updates from now on.

That being said - Here's a short entry about a very old and very overgrown farmhouse which has been touched by the "Profane Poet". If you don't know who it is that I'm speaking about, all the more reason to check out the entry

Ever since we were first exposed to their writing nearly ten years ago, we have kept an eye out for any locations which may contain traces of work by a person who we have come to call the “Profane Poet” - A vandal who's trademark is obscene gibberish feverishly scrawled in oft times the most peculiar of places. Be it the inside of kitchen cupboards, under a toilet seat, upon the ceiling, or at times all of the aforementioned at once. The very best example we have found to date is the Rutherfurd Stuyvesant Estate, a place so covered in obscene and hateful writing that it can make one uneasy.

What initially attracted our attention to the work from this individual was, admittedly, the excessive vulgarity of their writings. However after you spend some time studying all of the hurriedly scribbled outbursts, it becomes more and more apparent that the person behind the writings isn't doing this to get a rise out of passers-by. The messages begin to take on an air of deliberate anger, directed at a specific person, or very small group of select people. It seems the author doesn't care who may or may not read their writings – The messages are composed in a burst of anger and seemingly intended purely for the individual who they are focused on whilst writing. It's then that you begin to see through the humorous over-the-top collection of profanity, at what may very well be the eerily violent ranting of an unhinged mind. To further add to the unsettling nature of this unknown individual, we have witnessed that over the ten years since we have been observing these writings, that the author returns to locations which they visited years prior, and traces over any text that may have faded.

This small old farmhouse only bore a few markings from the “poet”. Aside from the vulgar scribbling, on the whole the place was actually quite picturesque. A massive patch of ivy has come to ensnare a majority of the house's fieldstone walls, turning its interior into a perpetually enshadowed cave. Relics of the last family to call this place a home were sparse, however the few things that remained were just enough for the imagination to latch onto.

We have also come upon work from the ”poet” at the House of Filth. Though, like this place, the writing was only in isolated locations throughout the building.

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Awash in Red


Posted on 2014.05.11 at 23:25
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So... did LiveJournal take a huge nosedive in active population, or is it just me?
Seriously, it's always been sparse, populated by LJ diehards, but now it feels like a ghost town.


Awash in Red

Creatures Dwell Herein

Posted on 2014.04.22 at 21:05
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Concept sketch for a portrait shoot I hope to complete by summer's end...

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Greystone's Last Stand

Posted on 2014.04.06 at 23:07
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Christina and I are very adamant about architectural preservation, and we firmly believe that there is simply no greater monument to a time in history than the buildings which they leave behind. Due to this, we are currently collaborating with the organization Preserve Greystone to create "Greystone's Last Stand". It is a film which will document these turbulent times for Greystone Psychiatric Hospital, and in the end, its final fate.

If we lose Greystone, it will not only be a terrible blow to national history, architectural preservation, and environmental accountability, but it will be a great disservice to future generations who will never be allowed to experience this monument to architectural engineering and psychiatric medicine.

Please, if you like what we're creating here, share it around. We want word to spread about the state's plan to level the old hospital. The demolition of Greystone will be an event universally regretted by future generations. What we have sitting abandoned in New Jersey is a historical gem. Something to be celebrated, not destroyed.

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A Girl and Her Cat.

Posted on 2014.03.29 at 21:55
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Just felt like doodling tonight. This is what happened...

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Hotel of Shadows

Posted on 2014.03.02 at 23:41
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*Double-posted in the AbandonedPlaces community*

Large unmaintained pines all but consume the front of this disused hotel. Without prior knowledge of its existence one would likely drive right past it on the town's main drag which lies just half a block away, having not the slightest clue that they completely overlooked a four-story tall building. This is not an altogether bad thing, as the natural camouflage seems to have kept most would-be vandals and thieves away from the property. Considering this place has been shuttered since 2004, its remains in relatively good shape. Most of the damage within has occurred due to the whims of nature, and not through the malicious actions of human trespassers.

During its day this hotel catered to those staying in the area for extended periods of time. When you rented a room here you would receive a set of keys; one would unlock your bedroom, the other would unlock the door across the hall, which contained a kitchen and dining area. From the looks of things these kitchen-rooms were an after-thought, remodeled from surplus bedrooms which the resort no longer had a use for. The upper-most floor seems to have remained exclusively bedrooms to the end however, and after the remodeling on the floors below it became storage for the numerous bed-frames and mattresses removed to create the kitchens.

As previously stated – this hotel is still in decent shape, primarily due to a lack of vandalism. However, this is not to say that the building is sound. One wing in particular suffers quite badly from water damage, the floors of which crack and snap when walked upon. Hidden away below vintage carpeting and wooden floorboards, the framework of the hotel grows tired and frail. In some areas the water leakage is quite severe, to the point that the ground floor has a sheet of ice upon it several inches thick. As is the case with most dead things; this place is cold. Old windows and the occasional missing pane of glass allow the biting winds of winter to easily enter and swirl down the old hallways. Cold air constantly flows through the aging building, oft causing the countless crooked windows to rattle in their frames. The combined effect creates a feeling of the hotel shivering against the cold.

High above hung a haze of grey - The kind of sky that almost audibly threatened of snow to come. Though a true storm never manifested itself, light flurries eventually began to fall. They drifted down from the sky as flurries always do - randomly tumbling in unpredictable directions, very slowly altering the landscape as they cover everything in a dusting of white. Occasionally a flake would manage to enter in through an open window, to land upon a bed or nearby nightstand. Remaining there only a brief moment before dissolving.

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Awash in Red

Stonefield Door Project

Posted on 2014.02.02 at 23:46
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I never posted about this when it was occurring, but I find myself without much to do on this Sunday night and figured I may as well get some use out of my LiveJournal and write something journal-y in it. That being said - Over the past summer I took on a job for Stonefield Engineering, to craft them a large piece of artwork for their lobby. After some emails back-and-forth and finally a meeting we decided upon making their logo into an eye-catching wall piece. I wanted to use re-purposed building supplies from the get-go, as the company itself deals heavily in building planning and jobs of that nature. They were game, so I decided upon utilizing (really) old doors, as they remain recognizable as doors even after being diced up and made into something else. What follows is an image-heavy step-by-step of how 4 dirty old doors from a building salvage yard became a glossy lobby art-piece in Stonefield's Rutherford, NJ headquarters. I took all of the following photos with my phone, so don't expect any wonderful captures, I just wanted to chronicle the job from start to finish.

The doors on the day I got them. Being as they're quite old, some of them were considerably heavy, though they may not appear so.

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Lost Kingdom

Posted on 2014.01.28 at 20:58
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Christina and I only ever post an entry about an abandoned location if we feel there is enough content to warrant doing so. Some places require multiple trips over several years before they see the light of day on our site, and still others simply never make the cut at all.This sad castle is of the latter due to most of the park around it no longer existing. I took this photo some three or four years ago now. I have decided to begin sharing these un-posted places on Facebook, and here on LJ, and so that they can at least be seen. I won't be going all-out with the histories like a normal entry, just sharing images one at a time, whenever I feel inclined to do so.

Awash in Red

Squishy Resort

Posted on 2014.01.23 at 14:24
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We were out filming an abandoned resort last week.
The sad thing is, Christina and I have stayed at worse places that were still in operation.

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