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Jeep Skiing

Seems I don't post that much personal stuff on here anymore...
I plan to change that come 2014, though by "personal" I do not in any way mean heavy drama or soap-opera tales of love lost and hearts broken. By "personal" I mean things that aren't lengthy multimedia posts about abandoned locations and their histories. Though those entries are indeed often highly personal accounts, they aren't truly insightful into me as a person. Mostly those location posts are almost direct copies of the entry on my website, and doesn't truly reflect what a personal journal (online or not) represents. Do not get me wrong, I very much enjoy the interactions I have with people below those posts, especially with the regulars on the AbandonedPlaces community, but I also feel that LJ is a great medium to share simple snippets from my life, as countless others do, and that it is an aspect of the site which I have drifted away from over the years. I mean, I've used this site since... God, I can't really remember, let me check my profile. 2004! Has it been that long? Wow... I'm old.

Anyway, here's some personal insight for ya. Took the Jeep skiing at an abandoned ski resort yesterday.
That hill in the background is way steeper than it comes across on a cellphone pic.

Hope everyone had a great holiday. See you all in 2014.
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