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Awash in Red

Antiquity Echoes Redesign

Posted on 2014.01.06 at 20:29
How Do I Feel?: excitedexcited
A new year, a new look for the Antiquity Echoes website... well a new landing page for the site anyway.
I had the great privilege of having the design offered to me by Dan Karcher, who has a phenomenal talent with flash-based web design.
He's done work for the official sites for dozens of films, dating all the way back to the Blair Witch Project. In addition he knows many great songwriters,
hence the amazing song which now plays in the background of the site. As you can tell by my adjectives, I'm quite pleased with the end result.
For now it is only viewable on non-mobile devices (mobile devices auto-redirect to the mobile version of the site).
Click the pic below to visit the site.

*You have to select the flash version of the page to see the new design.


JL Wounded Healer
brotherskeeper1 at 2014-01-07 02:45 (UTC) (Link)
That is a great new setup! Congratulations.
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