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Awash in Red

Lost Kingdom

Posted on 2014.01.28 at 20:58
How Do I Feel?: calmcalm
Christina and I only ever post an entry about an abandoned location if we feel there is enough content to warrant doing so. Some places require multiple trips over several years before they see the light of day on our site, and still others simply never make the cut at all.This sad castle is of the latter due to most of the park around it no longer existing. I took this photo some three or four years ago now. I have decided to begin sharing these un-posted places on Facebook, and here on LJ, and so that they can at least be seen. I won't be going all-out with the histories like a normal entry, just sharing images one at a time, whenever I feel inclined to do so.


madnaivejello at 2014-01-30 21:30 (UTC) (Link)
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