Rusty Tagliareni (dark_fetus) wrote,
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Beginnings of a Shed

Over the summer we decided that we needed a new shed, as the one that came with the house was from the 1970's and had rotted to little more than a pile of wood pulp. We took it down in the late summer (pushed it over), and since then I have been slowly constructing this new shed, or out building, or whatever you want to call it. Christina and I decided long ago that we did not wish to purchase a 'kit' shed from Loew's or Home Depot because, aside from lacking in character, they are extremely overpriced for the low quality materials from which they are made.

This shed was drawn up based upon ideas we had for what would make a nice shed, a porch, dormers, and a 12 foot ceiling being the main points. After some research into what Victorian-era garden sheds looked like we sketched out the concept, and I brought it to the city hall for a permit. It was immediately approved, but the prmit did not actually arrive for two weeks.

That brings me to the current state of affairs, which is somewhere between 'started' and 'completed'.


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