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Grande Failings

Lost places, like this shuttered resort, stand as unique objects of  fascination for many reasons. Oftentimes it's because these locations  have come to exist in a state contrary to their constructed roles. In  this case, we may find initial captivation in the absolute silence where  thousands once gathered with their families. Beyond that though, there  is something arguably more profound which ties all these places  together. A common thread which entwines every abandoned structure and  property – Time. Human history, all history really, crests and recedes  like the waterline along the shore. Popular culture rises and falls,  profitability rises and falls, communities rise and fall, nations rise  and fall. The waters of time endlessly rise and fall. And after the tide  has retreated these places remain in the wake, like cast-off shells  upon a beach.

You can see the full story on our site here — Grande Failings


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