Rusty Tagliareni
2 July 1984
My name is Rusty Tagliareni. I'm a writer and photographer who has spent over a decade traveling the country with my partner, Christina Mathews. Together we document forlorn locations throughout the United States, and share them on our website Antiquity Echoes. Christina and I aim to utilize atmospheric imagery and prose in an attempt to generate public awareness for these often-significant places which have been left to rot, and thus spark a passion for historical preservation in a viewer base which may else-wise not be engaged by such topics. Our deep passion for history and preservation has helped us to generate alliances with many historic societies and preservation organizations. Throughout the years we have also been blessed with having been able to author nationally-distributed books by various publishing houses on the subjects of history and 'urban exploration'. Since 2009 we have also worked regularly with the magazine 'Weird NJ'.

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